LC History

Hello friends!

We know that life is busy now days we all have more responsibilities longer hours at work, families, kids, life on the go, and still trying maintain yourpersonal life.  However, the thing we love the most is to come home to a clean house to relax.

Let me ask you a question, don’t you hate to come home to a messy house? Dishes up to the ceiling, the dust has obviously collected everywhere, and the laundry is piling up, the bathtub is dirty. Wow what a mess! In addition, you might have company on the way.  What an embarrassment!

That is where we come to help.  I would love to introduce our small family business. We are very dependable cleaning business, our price is negotiable and very reasonable. We originated in a small town in Azerbagan city Baku” former soviet republic” where my mother worked as maid and a house nanny for 30 years and 15 years ago brought this knowledge  to Minneapolis Minnesota and passed on this knowledge to her daughter. Since then, we have been servicing the twin city area with our great home cleaning service.

We are efficient, polite and flexible. We finally got smart and got on line. In this tough economic time, we bring our service to the internet informing new clients about our great deals, great work ethic and the great feedback from our customers. The lifelong relationships that we built over the years with our clients are memorable. We would love to work for you, give us a chance. You will enjoy our service. We hope to be your regular cleaning service, which you tell your friends about us.

Please Contact Us For A Free Estimate

Call us at (651)214-7338


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